of (un)formal
Workplaces are becoming increasingly casual and a cooler dress code is the new creativity. New age professionals are ready to make a shift, and do things their way. Office does not mean boring, comfortable need not mean bland. It's a rise, the rise of (un)formal at the workplace and beyond.
a ceo (or) an agent of cool ?
an illustrator (or) a dream weaver ?
a CTO (or) a future changer ?
a copy writer (or) a story teller ?
a disk jockey (or) an anthem creator ?
a fashion designer (or) a trend merchant ?
an intern (or) a cocky trailblazer ?
an automobile designer (or) a movement advocate ?
Your creative work place demands breaking few rules. Let's start from your work wardrobe. It has to be revived and there is no looking back.
Embrace the new Rise. It's here !