Your Guide to a Mr Button Structured Fit Shirt!


shirt is a staple style that will complete your wardrobe. There are a lot components that go in the making of a perfect bespoke shirt. It’s the small things that go in the making of a shirt that makes it stand out. We at Mr Button are constantly thriving to achieve that perfect fit of a shirt & let us tell you that we’re already there!

Our shirts are crafted to perfection by our highly skilled set of craftsmen who pay attention to little details and help us create styles that fit you just the way you’d want.

Our signature Structured fit is what you should be interested in. After our own research, we’ve successfully created the perfect shirt in different sizes which fits well even to people who have that tad bit extra weight holding on their body.

It can also be referred to as a tailored shirt, and gives a more tailored, elegant shape, perfect for wearing both tucked and untucked. It helps accentuate your slim waist while keeping it well fitted around your chest and shoulders. Anyone who has broad shoulders, or a much narrower torso compared to the rest of their body is going to benefit from the structured shirt.

Here are some of the elements of a structured fit:

Shoulder– Seam should meet at the corner of your shoulder bone.

Collar: should be able to slide 2 fingers when closed.

Armholes: High enough without causing restricted motion.

Sleeve: Neither tight or billowy, should allow natural motion.

Torso: should not give more than 3-4” of fabric when pulled lightly away from the body.

Length of Sleeve: Should end where your palm meets your wrist about 1” beyond your wrist bone.

Final Word

We’re sure you’ve realised by now how important it is to get the fit absolutely bang on. A shirt with the perfect fit is as good as brownie with ice cream & with all those extra choco chips. So, visit the Mr Button Guideshop soon to get your hands on the structured fit shirt to kick up your style game.



Words By:

Sehaj Arora

Marketing & Content Associate

At Mr Button