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Blogger friend Jatin showing us how Mr Button is done right!

A pea-coat is one of the few items that every fashion connoisseur and the general public will agree it’s worth spending good money on. The general thumb rule I would say is that you should buy one coat per year, which will see you through autumn and winter. Also I said “coat” and not jackets, those we can buy as many as we want. Basically the logic is to pick one coat and spend good amount to avoid wearing something which looks like outerwear but plays the similar role as one. It’s not just quality you need to consider, though – longevity is important too. With winters in mind, you would like to look at a style which is classic yet goes with everything. By classic and versatile doesn’t mean go for the same old black, I am sure you would have the black hanging in your wardrobe right now. So what else you can try?

There are multiple options available from long coats to waxed jackets. But one style which have been there and is ruling the runways as well as the streets is a Pea Coat.
The peacoat is one of those jackets that quietly makes men more stylish without shouting too loud about it. Worn successfully by celebrities and royalties, it’s a style that works on everyone, which is why it’s gone viral and stayed viral since it first appeared way back in the 1800s. What’s the secret to its enduring success? Like most menswear classics, it’s versatile. You can suit it up and wear with your classic shirt and scarf and at the same time play with your joggers and a turtle neck on weekends. Well I obviously paired it the way I enjoy dressing up, with classic white shirt and trousers.



Now let’s come to the color Camel. The very light brown shade which we all own may be in form of a trench coat or a formal derby. Even now, some men still take a bit of converting to camel. Certainly, it’s not as safe as some less showy shades. If you’re among the sartorial men, then rejoice: the color is practically omnipresent for all the seasons. Yes, you will always see camel in some or the pother way in the winter collection. From the cashmere sweaters to a classic two piece suit, it’s as I said, omnipresent. This also adds an interesting color palette to your wardrobe. This color coordinates itself with what you wear it with and makes every outfit look different.


With this coat, I paired this stylish cyanish blue trousers with minimal beige checks. The beige and blue compliments each other and creates a fashionable contrast. And what’s better than pairing this with a classic white shirt.



When it comes to accessories and shoes, I have kept it minimal and dark so that there is a contrast of color. I am wearing dark brown oxfords and a brown leather wristband which complements the camel color. Also I have stuck to my favorite silver metal watch. The double breasted pea coat gives a very classy retro feel and therefore try to jazz it up more with big retro sunglasses. You can always opt for classic aviators as well for this look.



It all started with a camel color overcoat. It’s not quite the alpha and omega of go-to essentials, but it’s up there. At the same time, it’s a look-at-me statement piece that can turn any outfit into an ‘alphet’ in a way that common navy or grey outerwear simply can’t. As you’d expect from a tailored coat, you can layer it over sweaters as well as tee shirts or shirts. As you can see I am wearing it with a shirt because we down south are not as blessed with winters as up there. Camel is on the lighter side, so I’d suggest anchoring it with colors which can enhance the color more. You can always choose the dark shades like navy or charcoal but the fun of mixing it with other pastels is something else. It just elevates the whole look and feel of the jacket.

In Pictures & words by

Jatin Jay (The Style Doodler)