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Time for a twist!

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Change is inevitable, change is important and change is more than welcome! You change a hell lot of pre-conceived notions or rules or simply put your clothes, your TV or that group of people who you’ve been wanting to avoid. These changes help you start afresh and bring a new zing in your life. There is a massive wind of change which is sweeping across your wardrobe and the way you have been following some cardinal rules of menswear code.

We are in midst of a major tectonic shift in menswear. The old, established dress code is diminishing or on the verge of extinction. This is allowing men to be more relaxed and innovative in their approach. The rise and rise of street wear, sportswear and gender fluidity is adding a flair to our everyday wardrobes and is taking it to a whole new level. Lux joggers are now mainstream and you see them even on red carpets. A white sneaker is evenly accepted with your wedding repertoire as it is at your gym. You would see a sports jacket worn to offices with your favourite button down shirt and no one raises an eye (or maybe they do but for good reasons). The collapse of old methods of dressing is right here and we need to understand it well in order to slay it like a pro. With this intention, here are old dress codes rebooted and updated to portray today’s freedom and the new wave.


Old Dress Code- The Formal Office

Gone are the days when office wear meant Navy, Grey or Black suits or somber shades of your shirt with colours limited to whites or pale blues. Offices are changing and how!

New Dress Code- The Cool Office

With the rise of “dressed down” startups and tech firms, the office wear code has become a little relaxed for men. A formal suit is no more the definition of the correct office wear but anything which keeps you put together and makes you feel top dollar. Go for a nice light blazer and team it up with your denims or chinos and maybe a leather sneaker.


Old Dress Code- Wedding Suits should be of a certain kind.

Same old boring navy or black tuxedo or let’s say a Bandhgala. Pop a non-coordinated tie and even worse, an out of place pocket square and you are ready to spoil the occasion which could have cemented your status as a style slayer.

New Dress Code- Weddings are for you to experiment it right!

Don’t ignore the invite, don’t ignore the dress code but there is no harm in bringing a bit of colour without upstaging the whole vibe of the ceremony. How about a teal shawl lapel tuxedo or a wine double breasted blazer? Both of these colours speak celebrations and you will easily stand out from the crowd of Navy and Black.


Old Dress Code- Sneakers are a big no no!

It was not long ago, when your trainers were considered to rule breaker #1 to the stringent office wear policy. Moreover you would have even been stopped by the security at your favourite night club for wearing sneakers!

New Dress Code- Take your sneakers anywhere and everywhere

The white sneaker has come a long way and now is widely accepted to be the “IT” shoes from work to your day weddings to even your social events. The white pairs are no more frowned upon when paired with serious stuff like your tailoring rig or your daily office wear. It’s equally important with your casual blazer to your tailored shorts and everything in between.


Old Dress Code- Day Wear = Casual. Night wear = Formal

The outdated methods meant that you wear a round neck t-shirt in the day because it’s cool and casual and opt a collared shirt because it’s serious and formal. Time to break this ASAP.

New Dress Code- Contemporary, Casual all day, everyday.

It’s all about making a capsule collection of pieces which can be easily taken from AM to PM. Go for strong basic styles which can be paired with other staples from your wardrobe to make a time appropriate look. A basic crew neck t-shirt, a navy blazer, a dark pair of chinos, a grey sweatshirt are the few examples which can be styled during the day when you are running errands or in the night when you ruling the dance floor!


Old Dress Code- Joggers are for indoor chilling!

The only use of joggers earlier was restricted to your gym sessions and when you wanted to chill at home or recover from your Saturday night hangover!

New Dress Code – Joggers are Everything!

Today a well fitted pair of Joggers can be taken anywhere you want and can be paired with other stylised pieces from your wardrobe. Just ensure that you are not wearing your gym joggers to see your girlfriend for that fancy dinner.


The Final Word

It’s high time to break some rules and go for new methods. Inject some personality and you will effortlessly be able to bend the traditional codes and announce yourself with something new.


Words by Akshat Singh,

The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON