Everything which made to our list of best of the year!

The final few days of a year is always like a rewind to what happened during the year. It’s always a good idea to pick the best and reminisce one last time. We pull out the best 5 of music, movies, trends, style moments from this year and compile it right here for you. The excitement of the new year is to relished but how about a quick flashback on what was the best in the bygone year?


Every year we are bombarded with slew of movies but then there are few which make the cut. Here we compile the best 5 which kept us thinking and coming back for more.


Get Out

No one ever expected a movie built on American racism and it’s untold story will garner commercial and critical acclaims. If you haven’t watched this comic horror movie, you are seriously missing on something.



A world war historic event turned into a fast paced action movie spun with other hit making ingredient gives you one hell of a movie to look out for. Oh, did we tell you this one is directed by one and only Mr. Christopher Nolan.


War for the  Planet of the Apes

Probably the best movie of this franchise, this edition keeps us coming back for more. The Apes are good guys but full points to humans who made this movie. Must watch if you think this can be skipped, dear sir you are wrong.



Hugh Jackman’s is Wolverine one last time, and what a better way to hang his claws. Probably the best Wolverine, probably the last of it all.


The Blade Runner 2049

Heavy on visuals and a larger than life depiction, this is an undisputed Sci-fi flick to watch out for. The legacy continues and you get Mr Ryan Gosling  In a power packed role.


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