Everything which made to our list of best of the year!

The final few days of a year is always like a rewind to what happened during the year. It’s always a good idea to pick the best and reminisce one last time. We pull out the best 5 of music, movies, trends, style moments from this year and compile it right here for you. The excitement of the new year is to relished but how about a quick flashback on what was the best in the bygone year?


Fashion trends.

Menswear trends are our fuel for life. These trends decide what will we see on the runaways or the streets. Some trends are worth giving a miss but then some of them are here to stay. Let’s see what made to our list.


Retro sportswear

Athleisure is a big trend to come out in the last decade. A newer more aggressive trend was to put a stamp of vintage on it. We are happy to take a trip in the past and are watching out for more.



A trend which may have raised a frown or two but slowly took a mainstream seat from runaways to streets. High fashion brands took no time to hop on the bandwagon. Pro tip- wear your oversized tops with skinny or slim fit bottoms to look together.


Light Wash Denim

A cooler much lighter wash of denim took the world by a storm and it’s time you join the rage. The powder blue movement was one of the reason for the revival of this shade of denim. Cop one today.


Moss Green

How to inject colour in your winter wardrobe? Try a darker shade of summer colour like olive and twist it to miss green. A rage sir!


Roll Necks

Your neck is going to have the best time of the year in a roll neck. Make your selection from darker tones for some serious vibe or just amp up the ante in a bright one.


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