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Time to add a bit of patch element to your wardrobe!


Aren’t you bored of the usual everyday men’s style look? So, here’s to all the men, who desire for a little more remix in their wardrobe.

Solids? Plains? Prints? Nah! That’s too cliché, Patchworks is definitely the must have for you this season.

Fashionable men have a vast diverse world of infinities where they believe in creativity of experimenting themselves to new styles and trends. In this race of perfection, they have started to look for something fresh and exquisite which definitely calls for a lot new gradients and textures. While we see most of rest travelling all day long in formals since it has been the ‘birthright style staple’ for men, patchworks have eventually made its ‘BANG ON’ entry to the world of Fashion.

From shirts to tees to overcoats to blazer! Patchwork trend continues to cast its shadow over the rest.



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Leather patchworks are classic piece of tailoring which are sure to add an instant cool edge to your casual shirt. Trust us! It’s smooth yet rich texture gives you the right sharpness that you can never go wrong with, irrespective of age, style or body type. That’s certainly the best way to add detail and texture to your boring plain shirt.



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When you want to dress down your blazer a bit for a more casual approach yet keeping it classic. Here’s how to play it safe and right. Leather patch at the shoulder, arms or chest adds to the robustness and give it a perfect structured look.



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Be it leather, suede or tweed! Jackets without patches are like cakes without cherry on the top. So if you want to jazz up your look a bit for a perfect evening outing, here’s your go about!

These indeed work as the style statement and are great addition to any man’s wardrobe as it offers you a plethora of style options for any time of year.


Final words!

So! It’s time to feel sharp with these ‘standalone’ piece of work and what else? Let those heads turn and see the magic.

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Words by :

  Ishdeep Kaur

(Blogger at: Modaradici Blog)

Guest writer at Mr Button