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We're letting you know, Sir. 


You should know that we know that we’re sometimes not as easy to comprehend (we’ve said it once, we’ll not say it again and don’t bother bringing this up in the future! Thank you). There are somethings we absofuckinlutely adore about you and here’s our attempt to let you know so that you may consider doing them more often (without making it obvious, of course!).


The Lost Eyes.

We love how sometimes we catch you looking for us amidst the crowd, a little lost and restless, and how when you finally manage to spot us (or let’s say catch us looking at you) that sigh of relief, in them eyes. We notice it and we secretly love it! We see you change your stance from being a little restless to that calmness taking over, and mind you, Lover boy, it’s all in your eyes!


The Reminder.

It’s quarter after 1, I’m all alone and I need you now (reference: Need you now, Lady Antebellum), and the phone beeps! Just a simple ‘Hey’ works too! There is a certain rush that we feel when we hear from you at odd times, it makes us feel good about the fact that we’re on your mind when we least expect it. That one message that you drop when you’re out with your boys, makes us go weak in our knees!


The Accidental Slip.

So I’m sure this one happens quite a lot because you have been seeing your girl for sometime now and know her well to not be able to avoid noticing certain things that she does, and every now and then you let that slip into conversations. “You know I like the way you tie your hair into a bun by the end of the day, the stray hair make you look really cute!” Oh these accidental slips in conversations makes her feel that you’ve got your eyes on her!


The Right Size.

No Sir, we’re not talking sizes here, no no! But we’re talking about you knowing her so well that no matter what you buy for her, a shirt or a pair of denims or just a simple tee, it fits her so well it’s almost as if it was custom made for her! We girls know the kind of effort it takes for one to be able to do that, our parents still struggle with this for God’s sake! But you mate, will get all the appreciation.


The State of Mind.

I think it is safe to say that for majority of us girls, it is difficult for you to guess what’s really on our mind. But bro, if you manage to understand us a little, even if it means that you get us a box of the yummiest brownies because you felt that we had a rough day at work, that’s more than enough! We like to speak our mind out to you and if you help us a little in doing that with a box of brownies, there’s nothing to loose there, is there?


Final Word.

We’re not saying that your girl doesn’t acknowledge you for these things, but we want you to know that if you’re doing any of these things, then you’re on the right track! These are those sure shot ways to ensure that you give your girl the goosebumps and keep the fire between the two of you burning always!

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Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Manager at MR BUTTON