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Stripes are the new power dressing! Your clothes should underline and strengthen your image. Power dressing is being in the moment & wearing what defines you the best. Gone are the days where people used to dress to impress, it’s now time to dress to express as stripes are heard without words. Taking this inspiration, this season our style editors bring to you top striped styles from Mr Button that you shouldn’t do without!


The Classic Stripe Shirt

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This shirt excels in tailoring of every variety, be it precise and formal, elegant or relaxed. A timeless piece which always saves your time from the typical ‘what to wear tomorrow’ state of mind. Pair it with sharp trousers & brogues and there you win the race.


The Vigilant Guy Shirt

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When we talk about power dressing, it’s not only limited to offices or meetings, it also makes for a statement club wear. Pair this with smart joggers and sneakers & there you go with the game up tight!


The Conqueror Stripe Blazer

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A winner among all your wardrobe pieces. The impression put forward by this always makes for a crisp statement. Style is nothing without fit. Pair this one with a striped trouser & leather moccasins and you are set to rule the world.


The Maven Stripe Waistcoat

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Striped waistcoats are for debonair men. They make you look slim and tidy. A perfect layer to help you change according to the event with ease. It has always been put in the front row and under the spotlight. Pair this one with it’s matching striped trouser alongwith ombre derbys for formal wear & with loafers for a slightly casual look.



‘Power dressing’ is all about projecting the right image – if you want a million bucks, look a million bucks! Downplay any look with stripes . Accessorise with care when it comes to ‘power dressing’ and make a professional statement.

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Words by

Shevali Singh

Menswear Designer at Mr Button