Let’s start from the very basics.


To be looked up to for anything, be it for the kind of work you do or what interests you or simply your personal style, it is on you to know about what goes behind it. To be opinionated & rightly so. To understand the fundamentals behind it all, because let’s face it, our teachers & parents never lied when they said ‘Your fundamentals should be strong!’

We at Mr Button are all about getting them basics right & develop a strong base for one to build up on. The same goes for your wardrobe. You can’t be well equipped if you don’t have fundamentals to back you up! After following the trends that top designers displayed on the fashion runways & what would work for the Indian men, we bring to you our all new collection ‘Fundamentals Of Suave’ which will absolutely live up to it’s name.

The polished gentleman, the confident boss, the charming boy next door. They’ve all been redefined. Here are the #FundamentalsOfSuave decoded, only for you!



It is time we saw this trend as a fashion staple & not just a fad. The mighty plaids have managed to show us time and again that they are not going to let us down. It’s our time now to show them that appreciation. We’ve used a lot of plaids in the form of blazers, shirts, trousers and nehru jackets purely because it is one fundamental that some of the most renowned designers swear by. And to be honest, it’s a plaid suit that they say is the future of menswear fashion! We leave it for you to decide from here.



A well equipped wardrobe should have enough solids to accentuate the other fundamental pieces like plaids & weaves. Out of the three fundamentals, this my friend is one of utmost importance! Want to try a plaid suit? Break the print with a solid shirt and you’re going to be the next style guru. A solid shirt, blazer or a trouser is something that’ll always come in handy to break the print or just get your colour blocking right. So go stock ‘em up!



Call it embroidered or weaves, these have the capability to add that omph factor that your outfit may require at times. Be it you planning to meet your sweetheart’s army dad or just heading for that reunion which is the most talked about affair in town, you won’t have to think twice. The fun patterns weaved on premium fabrics are all set to be one of the fundamentals of your wardrobe which you’ll never want to part with!


Final word.

These styles are going to be a part of your wardrobe in ways you could never imagine. They are what you need to be up pace with what’s trending & tell the world that you know your s**t!



Words By

Aparna Chopra

Marketing & Content Manager

At Mr Button