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Learn a trick or two, or maybe all.

Your habits make you & set you apart. There’s no rocket science involved when it comes to dressing sharp! Do you wear tailored blazers? Do you take the wash care as the cardinal rule? Do you match your socks with your shirt?

Being stylish is not a virtue you were born with, but your habits and few tweaks here & there is what makes you to the best dressed man around. We have complied 7 of the most effective habits of well dressed men and how you may learn few things from them!


1. They get their basics right, every time!

Every stylish man believes in investing in basics to build upon their wardrobe. Great menswear icons, like James Dean, were known to keep it simple with essentials which then could be rotated with other stylish pieces. Sort your style game with a few solid t-shirts,ice blue shirts, navy trousers and a classic white shirt. Mix it with other staples or something more jazzy to create individual looks.


2. They Never ignore the care labels: Love thy garments!

With great clothes comes great responsibility. Yes sir! Any man with great esteem for his look and clothes will vouch for it. They appreciate their garments and follow the care labels religiously. Who would not fathom a crisp white shirt to be crisp with test of times? Taking care of your garments in terms of its washing, storing and usage can greatly enhance the look and feel of the garment. Well you would not like to look sloppy in your oxford shirt just coz you were too casual before throwing it in your washing machine? If only you would have read the label stating the right temperature!


3. They know all about the best trouser break.

Every stylish man will strictly not allow any excess fabric around his feet. The best trouser break is extremely important in ascertaining your slayer levels. If your trousers are not perfectly hemmed or rolled up, your investment in the right shoes is totally not worth it. Wear your trousers with full glory by ensuring that it breaks right on top of your shoes. When the weather is playing hot, go sock less and show some skin.


4. They know the crucial role of accessories.

Wearing in trend styles can be enhanced by sporting the right accessories. Speak to a well dressed man and he will say it twice (out loud) about how the right watch is always so important. Pop in a pocket kerchief on your navy blazer to look mega bucks or just keep it classic in an Ivy League motif tie. Accessories are those final finishing touches that can cement your sartorial status.


5. They organise their wardrobes.

It’s very important to arrange your wardrobe in a way that makes sense to you. Imagine a well planned, tidy and methodically arranged wardrobe, which will help you to dress smarter, faster and maybe can fetch you some brownie points for being an organiser. Try arranging it with a pattern so that it’s easy for you to then decide. Maybe all the dark colours together, warm clothes separately and so on.


6. The tailor is their best friend.

Every well dressed man knows that the key to looking stylish is the fit. Your shirt should fit you well on the arms and your shoulder should be just about snug. A tailor is God sent in such scenarios as we know that all off the shelf blazers will not fit you like a glove. Your local tailor can then come to your rescue, do some nips & tucks and make you look like a superstar rather than a sloppy joe. A well tailored, made to measure ensemble will be any day better than your stuff picked from the mall.


7. They look after themselves.

Your most expensive suit from your recent trip to Milan shall end up looking pathetic if you have that extra paunch around your waist. A well dressed man will always take care of himself and shall follow an exercise regimen and a balanced diet. Looking good is a combo of well fitted clothes & a groomed, fit physique. Hit the gym or just manage few minutes in the morning and you shall always be on top of things.

Final Word

Looking good and coming around as a well dressed man is not about the kind of money you invest in your wardrobe (like it does) but majorly it’s about imbibing some good habits and a strict regimen. Always remember that the league of sharp dressed men were not made just because they knew what to buy. They knew the finer details to work as an armour and appear sharp.

  Words By,

Mr. Akshat Singh

Chief Product Officer

at Mr Button