Be different to get loved!

Well it’s that time of the year again. Valentine’s Day is such a massive phenomena that a lot of things are at stake viz. your relationship status, your affection meter, your chemistry with your girl and the whole nine yard of it. Dressing sharp comes out to be a pivotal factor in sealing the deal with your beau on this day. For an average well dressed chap, a slick suit or a dress shirt or a nice suede jacket will be one of the few first bets to nail the look. However, what’s the fun in doing something which is done by every other man in the room? Our editor’s have complied a list of super stylish pieces which shall get your valentine’s day mojo going at the same time will also break the stereotype. We’re suggesting to bring about a change in how you dress and take a look at these styles for this V Day.


The Indirect Hint Tunic Shirt 

Oh boy, let’s get things shaken with this super sharp tunic. The easy cut of this shirt tunic will let you go places on a very charming V-day’s evening, and what’s better than wearing roses on your shirt. Lol. The tiny rose motif on this tunic makes it for a bit of drama as some element shall be required on this day! Pair it with your denim or a sharp pair of trousers. Want to add some flair (hell yea) then go for a blazer and keep the tunic all tucked out. Don’t forget to keep your date all planned for some of the brownie points.


The Strict Jury Nehru Jacket 

A Nehru jacket is a successful method to announce yourself to any kind of date you are planning. We bring to you something which is not a normal Nehru jacket but has a twist to it. This one is a borderline smart ethnic, but if you play it wisely it can be one of the coolest pieces in your wardrobe. Wear it with a nice printed shirt and denims for a very smart appearance. Your lady will like you even more for trying something out of the box and you will feel confident about how things are going in your favour throughout the evening and later into the night.


The Blurred Dreams checked Shirt 

A plaid shirt might not be considered to be the best v-day date option but then we are here to break those notions. Our editors have selected this plaid shirt to be your go to option for this special day. A plaid shirt is down right masculine and is a vintage top marks earner when it comes to dressing down. A date is all about expressing your individuality and this premium cotton shirt will let you do it with some aplomb.


The Agile Racer Formal Trousers 

Talking of something out of the box, we present to you a very sharp trouser but with a spin. The white stripe in the sides is a new twist to your basic black trousers and it needs an immediate space in your wardrobe. Valentine’s Day is all about doing something unthinkable yet impactful and this piece will help you attain good points from your beau and wherever you go. Keep it simple with a sharp blazer and make sure you reserve a roof top place in advance. 


The Rival Single Breasted Blazer 

A blazer on a date night. Check. A crisp shirt. Check. A sensual perfume. Check. You got checked on major lists but considering you are a dapper dude, you have been doing this since day one. What’s different on this day then? Well go for a blazer with some subtle yet powerful stripe detail like this one. The soft cotton fabric shall keep you in active zone and the soothing colour will help you announce your upcoming warm weather mood. May we suggest a fresh side fade on your skull and a trimmed beard to complete the look?


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Final Word

For an occasion as stereotypical as this, it is on you to make it as unconventional as you can. We’ve told you how you could do it, the final choice would be yours.


Words by,

Akshat Singh

Chief of Products

At Mr Button