Jazz up your winter.


Finally the great Indian summer has decided to take a back seat and the crisp winter is here. It’s time to go on a tone down spree in terms of your colour palette and make way for some darker hues. Every now and then, we try to break the usual trend and advocate something strikingly different. This time around we bring to you an eclectic range of patterned and printed menswear staples to keep you in the centre of your style game. Here we have compiled a list of printed shirts to give your winter an uplift of supreme style. After all you live for the thrill of it and not to follow the usual crowd.


The Plush Vibe Printed Shirt

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This one is a hell of a beauty. Not sure if beauty is a word to be written in the same sentence as menswear but who cares. This bold floral printed shirt is the adequate punch you will need to pump up your winter soiree. Wear it beneath a black blazer for monochrome with a panache or layer it with your cardigan for a more laid back vibe.


The Last Mile Printed Shirt

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Geometric prints and pattern are a rage. It was seen in almost all menswear shows and we could not stay calm. This geometric print shirt is your ticket to casual shirting dominance this season. The light tone of this shirt makes it your go to option for day assignments and when you club this shirt with a dark blazer, you are evenly ready for a night of fun, merry and one frequent compliment- “oh I like what you wearing”.


The New Domain Shirt 

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So this indigo dyed shirt is built to give you a stylish illusion. Sounds tricky? Well the umpteen block printed over indigo is a sure shot way to ignite few compliments. The dark base is perfect to pair it with almost anything in your wardrobe. Pro tip- Pair this with one of your denim for that all denim look without looking like a cowboy from the Texan fields.


The Sublime Glory Printed Shirt

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How to cleverly push a printed shirt at your workplace (serious, client facing environment)? Well here we present a micro printed shirt which easily transcends from ” I am meeting my boss” to “I am taking my girl out for a date”. The button down collar and the not so bold print makes it your go to option for a formal setting. Wear it the way you want, whenever you want.


The Sunday Ritual Printed Shirt

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Never boring and always fail safe, a paisley printed shirt is a must-have pattern all year long. Want to look all put together at your friend’s engagement but don’t want to look all dressed up in blazers? Well pair this occasion worthy shirt with one of your Nehru jackets and you shall do justice with the setting. The best part about this shirt is it’s versatility to wear it to your night rituals as well, and you shall easily prevail the club’s dressing rules.


Final Word

Prints and pattern are not a summer affair but with fast fashion, has easily made is way in a year long setting. Wear them out and loud and let the best season of the year be your best dressed time as well.


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Words by Akshat Singh,

The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON