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Color is about giving your attire a sartorial voice similar to your own personality. Colors in your wardrobe speak a lot about you. If you are a grey person you are neutral to changes & pretty much sophisticated. Similarly, if we talk about the blues & blacks they portray a tranquil side of you but at the same time, powerful. This summer our style editors have picked the season’s coolest colour palette from our new arrivals to bring out the eccentricity within you. Read on to know more.


The Desirable Lure

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This pastel green Nehru Jacket can be a blessing in disguise for people who mask themselves with thoughts on how to slay this colour! The answer is either go tone on tone with the same trousers or wear it as a separate with other light summer hues.


The Illusionary Blue

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Well, if I ask you which color represents both the sky and the sea, the answer would be the ‘illusionary blue’ which is also related to stability and a form of self expression. Pair one of this soothing shade with a solid or a textured shirt and oxford shoes and see how your spectators envy it (you).


The Cosmopolitan Chap

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A mid-way between light & dark tones. A color personifying honesty & trustworthiness. Go for a complete monochromatic look breaking it in terms of the moccasin’s color .


The Worthy Green

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A soothing color representing vision, endurance along with growth to do something better always. A promising piece captivating your boss to trust upon you. Combine this with a crisp darker base shirt & you’re good to go.


The Cognitive Mauve

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A divergent side of purple tones, this color personifies your imagination and creativity, fulfilment and vitality. Pair these with a lighter base shirt / t-shirt along with suede loafers & see how you slay the look.



Colour your life with a chaos of pastels. They are happy colours, and can easily be styled with other colours & prints. If you want to do the pastel trend a subtle way, make it work with your accessories. Remember, they are the ideal shade to beat the heat.


Words by

Shevali Singh

Menswear Designer at Mr Button