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What to gift her this Valentine’s Day!

She will love you for this and you may thank us later!

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So it’s that time of the year when you thinking hard on what to gift your girlfriend or wife. It’s Valentine’s Day and you know it’s kinda imperative for you to gift her something special. You may of course go old school and announce yourself in classic fail safe chocolate and flowers but then you don’t want to appear half-assed with your gifting. You know she is going to give you a great V-day gift and this is your chance to seal your relation and your love status with her on this day. Whether she admits it or not, but let us tell you, V-day is kinda big deal for most of the ladies and finding her a perfect gift is a good starting point.

The gifts can be touchy or plain Jane flirty or suggestive depending on your relationship status. You just started dating or you guys have been in it for years? Fret not and be cool about the whole situation. She would admire you for your preparations but going over the board might kill the vibes. Be classic and ground to the kind of person you both are and rest will fall in place. To make things smooth for you, here is a list of some eclectic gifting ideas for your beau this V-day.


A Polaroid Camera.


Whoever said that film pictures were dead has not witness the coolness quotient of the Polaroid camera. Fujifilm’s spin on the classic Polaroid is available in myriad range of colours and is the perfect gift for her. The mini snaps are ready to flaunt or cherish in minutes and she will simply love the memories you both will create on the V-day and beyond. Available in India at Amazon for Under Rs 5000.


A Beauty Subscription Box.

beauty box

A novel, cool and downright romantic method of telling her that you care. A beauty subscription box will have handpicked and customised beauty products delivered to her address every month. She will not only remember (and secretly thank you) every time it is in her mailbox, but will also make you go weak in your knees when she meets you with a new (and mysterious) fragrance or a lip colour. Our favourite is the one from My Envy Box which boasts of products from top international brands. Available in India in a variety of options starting at Rs. 850 for a month, Rs. 2250 for 3 Months, Rs. 4350 for 6 months and Rs. 8500 for a year.


A Fresh New Perfume.


Oh you are so much in love with her fragrance. She has been with you in your car or in your pad and that lingering sweet fragrance is still in the air and in the sheets and the kitchen. It’s always a good idea to present her with a new fragrance. Not that you are bored of her present choice but you want to fire up things with a new one. Go ahead and make a selection for her keeping in mind her personality and her personal style. May we suggest La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme for her this time around. When it comes to fragrances we will leave it to the French to do their tasks. Remember how she still loves you for presenting her with Chanel No.5 last year?


A Leather Tote.


You love the fact that she carries her world in her everyday bag. You respect her for her choice of bags and the way she maintains that high quality purchase from her last business trip to London. It’s your turn to tell her that you would like to see her hustle around in a leather tote and especially the one you bought for her. A sturdy everyday leather bag with a feminine touch will be a safe bet and make sure it’s from a high street brand as they come with a legacy and will always keep her in the “Special Privilege” passengers when she is travelling next time to Paris or Rome after spending the weekend with you.


A Classic Watch.


She has been clinging to her metal watch her beloved papa gifted her. She likes it because it’s classic and kinda has emotional value attached to it. It’s time to gift her something equally classic and a piece which is stylish and will pass the test of times. May we suggest a classic leather strap watch from Daniel Wellington? These watches are perfect for everyday usage and equally durable and are already a rage worldwide. A must have for every lady and yours.


A day at her Favourite Spa.


Ladies love a day at the spa. Period. Gift her a day at the Spa with a special package. Ladies love something which makes them feel good and we can’t think of anything better than a Spa treatment. There are a bevy of Uber cool Spas in your city and it’s easy to book an appointment or buy her a gift card for a session of her favourite treatments. May we suggest to go for a couple spa massage which is even better?


A Pearl Necklace.


You are old school, you are charming and you love exhibiting your sense of style in your gifts to her. A simple, classic single pearl pendant with a slim platinum or white-gold chain is a sure fire way of winning her heart on the V- Day and beyond.


A Silk Scarf.


She is strong, independent and a high flyer but at the end she is sweet and feminine. Gift her a soft silken Scarf to celebrate the gravity of your affection. Make your pick from one of the heritage stores or shop one from the high end brands. Ask for getting her initials embroidered on it for a more personal touch. A subtle print in form of motifs or a pattern will only add some extra flair and the rich feel of the silk will keep her jovial and fill her with good vibes.




Did you scroll all the way to this one? Were you not expecting this to be on this list? Gifting lingerie on the V-Day is cliched but you just can’t resist it. Buying her the right intimates is a difficult task but getting it right will fetch you some great delights. Make your pick from something lacy from the V-day collection from any leading brands and you are guaranteed for a memorable V-Day after hours. Getting her size right is tricky but we assume you would have your ways to get it right ( you know what we mean). Make your pick from La Perla or Victoria’s Secret or when in doubt simply walk in to any La Senza outlet and the sales girl will be more than happy to help you in your selection. Happy times ahead!


A Pet.


She had a doting pet once but then nothing lasts forever. Why don’t you adopt a pet for this V-day? This is a serious responsibility so make sure she or you both are ready for this. She would adore this gift and you will instantly garner respect and fierce love from her for being thoughtful. Nothing compares the joy of bringing up a cute puppy or a kitten. Make it special for her and adopt a pet. She will be all over in love with you.


Final Word

This list is not the end of things you may do this V-day for your beau or with your beau. A failsafe option is always booking a romantic dinner date or a quick getaway to cherish the times spent together. Write her a love letter if you are old school, coz yes you write her flirty slash romantic slash suggestive e-mails but a hand written letter wins hands down. Invite her to your pad (clean and don’t forget to light scented candles) and cook for her. Even if you have done a mediocre job in the kitchen she shall respect all the efforts and shall like you for it. The V-day at the end is just a day but it can be taken as a good excuse to slow down and appreciate and show your fondness for the lady love. After all we all will get busy again in the daily rush. Take a pause and show some love, Gentlemen.

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Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON